Toronto Corporate Event Planners

  The following article is for all my Toronto friends.  Enjoy! Why Toronto Corporate Event Planners Are a Must The job of a business owner is a hard one, but well worth the struggle and stress it can cause.  As a business owner, you will be responsible for keeping the morale in your office space high.  There are a variety of ways to achieve this and among the most effective is by planning an event.  Getting everyone in your … [Read more...]

Online Payroll Innovations for Small Business

Now that I am helping my husband get our new carwash up and running, this article definitely caught my attention.  There are so many new things for me to learn now that I will be transitioning from online marketer to carwash payroll/ bookeeper.  I hope this information can help you as well. Online Payroll Innovations for Small Business When a small business owner thinks about managing payroll, he or she is thinking about more than just … [Read more...]

Our Express Carwash Is Scheduled To Open In July

Finally, I have spent hours at the mall and online looking for the best shorts for me to wear this summer while working at our GFY Express Carwash.  Our uniform consists of longer style khaki shorts and a GFY Express Carwash embroidered polo style shirt.  My husband has been working for two years now planning and arranging for our carwash to be built and we're on track to open this summer. We have billboard in place and everyone is working … [Read more...]

GFY Good For You Carwash Progress

We're so excited to see our new billboards in place.  We have two of these nearby the GFY Express Carwash location in Spring TX and it feels great to see these as we drive by.  We have been working on many things behind the scenes so it's definitely time to see the progress of our work efforts. As far as our GFY Express Carwash location on 20615 Kuykendahl Rd. Spring, TX 77379, you can see a shot above.  The crew is busy getting the lot … [Read more...]

SCWA at Car Wash Convention: Dallas, TX

This year was our second time attending the SCWA Car Wash Convention in Dallas, Texas.  Last year we were still in the very beginning process of our car wash planning and attended this convention in Dallas and met many people.  This year we were geared up for this convention.  We were headed there to meet new contacts, check out new products available for vending, watch mat cleaner demonstrations and choose pay station options. This convention … [Read more...]

Setting Up An Office Takes Time

Sitting up an office building for several employees definitely takes time.  We were given the keys to our new office suite this past weekend.  The office was cleaned for us and it was ready for us to move into.  Since then, we have moved furniture into all the offices, met with our internet provider and scheduled to meet with the IT guy later in the week. Today I came into the office to meet with the security company so they could get our … [Read more...]

6 At-Home Businesses for Stay-at-Home Moms

While many stay-at-home moms love their ability to be at home with their children, many find that staying at home means a big financial hit to their income.  While many families are able to survive off of one income, many stay-at-home moms are interested in finding at-home entrepreneurial ventures that are flexible enough to work their busy schedule. Because at-home businesses are growing in popularity, there are plenty of opportunities for … [Read more...]

Want To Start A Pizza Delivery Business?

If you are looking to make money and do something you love, a pizza delivery business may be just what you are looking for if you enjoy making Italian dishes.  A pizza delivery business may cost a little money to start up, but you could possibly make your money back within the first year if you run your business properly.  When starting any new business you have to be willing to put in the work and time to make it successful. Starting a Pizza … [Read more...]

Advocare: Coffeccino Perfect For Cool Temperatures

As most of you know, I am an Advocare Advisor and I absolutely love every single Advocare product that I represent.  One product that I really like is our Advocare Coffeccino supplement. Coffeccino has so many benefits for all types of people and tastes great, just like a gourmet Mocha Cappuccino!  It helps to enhance mental focus, alertness and also helps manage appetite when used along with diet and exercise.  As a mom, I know that alertness … [Read more...]

What’s Inside Your Twitter Account

Do you have a Twitter account?  Do you have a business that you are promoting or do you like to enter online giveaways?  If  this pertains to you, then you need to sign up for a Twitter account if you haven't already.  You can easily sign up for a twitter account by heading over to  Make sure that your Twitter account name or Twitter handle is easy to remember and relative to your website, products or your online name so that people … [Read more...]

Start Preparing NOW for 2013 Taxes

Hopefully you got all your paperwork done and either submitted your taxes for 2012 or gave them to who ever will be doing them for you by now.  So that you don’t get as stressed out next year here are a few pointers to keep those records straight all year long without much fuss or bother!  Simple is always the way to go. Tip#1-    Buy colored file folders. Use one color for your Schedule C (business) and a different color for your personal … [Read more...]