Calorie Counts Shown On Menus

Have you noticed how many restaurants have their calorie counts displayed on their menus?  I LOVE THIS!  I am a calorie counter and love that I can now choose my meals based on the calorie counts of each item.  For the restaurant above, I usually choose a grilled chicken but I can also get a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap.  With the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, it is already cut into halves, so eat one and save the other half for later if you'd like. … [Read more...]

Dreaming Of Pecan Pie

Do you ever wake to find that you have been dreaming about food?  One morning, I woke up from a dream about all the Pecan Pie I had eaten.  In my dream, I could hear my husband telling me that I had worked so hard to drop weight, so did I really want to ruin all my hard work by eating so much pie at one time.  In my dream, I kept telling him, I am going to eat the last peice of pie, then I will be done.  I had eaten about half of the pie at that … [Read more...]