Tips For Your Best “Glamping” Trip Ever

. If you're an Outdoor Traveler in Virginia who follows a lot of traveling blogs and Instagram accounts, you might have seen a lot of recent posts and hashtags referring to "glamping."  Glamping is basically a portmanteau term that combines "glamorous" with "camping."  Glamping is referring to camping where the things you bring for the trip are stylish yet functional.  Basically, a camping trip where the pictures you take are worthy of … [Read more...]

Kids Would Love A Camping Trip

My husband and I used to have a camper and had lots of fun traveling with it.  One year we went to Florida and stayed on a camp ground right off the beach.  We were able to go night fishing, enjoy cooking outside and night time camp fires.  Once we had our first baby, I wasn't able to help my husband get everything together and camping became more of a job for him then it did a vacation, so we sold our camper.  Now that our kids are older, we … [Read more...]