Looking For The Perfect Gift?

  Certain people can be impossible to shop for.  Your friend’s friend whose birthday dinner you’re going to but you don’t really know her.  Your nephew who just turned fourteen and probably doesn’t want toys anymore.  Your brother who already has everything he appears to want or need.  Lucky for you, all these situations have been taken care of thanks to my very basic formula. There are three things all people love: cash, food, and … [Read more...]

I’m Back In Candle Sales Again

Well, here I am again - candle salesman for the third time around!  Fifteen years ago I made my own gel candles in my kitchen home business which we sold online and at local craft shows.  Our home business was called Munsey's Creative Candles.  Once our son began walking, it became more of a task attending craft shows with him.  One minute he was right beside you and the next he was leaning over the top of the candle jars holding out candles for … [Read more...]

Life Without Electricity: Teach Kids about Olden Times

Kids love to imagine, yet imagining about history inspires learning.  Kids of today wonder about tomorrow, but they learn what it was like to be a kid fifty, one-hundred, and scores of years ago by researching history.  For example, what was it like to live and go to school without electricity?  Candles were used for light rather than decoration generations ago.  Catch present attention to teach kids about the past. School of Yore What was … [Read more...]