SCWA at Car Wash Convention: Dallas, TX

This year was our second time attending the SCWA Car Wash Convention in Dallas, Texas.  Last year we were still in the very beginning process of our car wash planning and attended this convention in Dallas and met many people.  This year we were geared up for this convention.  We were headed there to meet new contacts, check out new products available for vending, watch mat cleaner demonstrations and choose pay station options. This convention … [Read more...]

Setting Up An Office Takes Time

Sitting up an office building for several employees definitely takes time.  We were given the keys to our new office suite this past weekend.  The office was cleaned for us and it was ready for us to move into.  Since then, we have moved furniture into all the offices, met with our internet provider and scheduled to meet with the IT guy later in the week. Today I came into the office to meet with the security company so they could get our … [Read more...]

Car Washes: Do it Yourself or Have Someone Else Do it?

When you want to wash your car, you have two choices.  You can either take your car to a professional, or you can do it yourself.  Both have advantages, and you should consider your own wants and needs before proceeding.  With this in mind, while you can save money by doing it on your own, you should pay a professional, and here are four reasons why. Cheaper in the long run:  First and foremost, if you want to wash your own car, you probably … [Read more...]