Pokemon On The Go Craze

I am sure that you have heard about the Pokemon On The Go game by now.  My teenager told my husband about it and before you knew it, they were both testing it out.  I'm not much on games so I just listened as they talked about this new game and the tricks they had learned. We have a cool outdoor shopping area in our town called Market Street.  It has great outdoor shopping and many restaurants.  My husband took me this week and everyone … [Read more...]

Apps That Make Life Easier

In the 21st century cell phones play an important role in daily lives.  This is due to the fact they are also smartphones and tablets.  In essence, they are automated assistants that are available at a moment’s notice.  Apps are the reason these electronic gurus are so popular.  There are tons of app categories based on the needs and preferences of users. It does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android device, there are apps … [Read more...]

5 Educational Apps for Your Teenager

School's about out for summer for everyone.  That means teenagers will start turning to video games and other electronic devices to keep them entertained.  As a parent, you need to decide how you're going to combat with your teen on when to turn off the electronic gadgets and do something else. Here are five educational apps that you can introduce to your teenager and have them learn and keep those devices on during summer break: Vocabology … [Read more...]

I Am Participating In The #LumiaSwitch Project

I received a Nokia Lumia 830 phone to use in facilitating my review through the #LumiaSwitch project.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.   Above you will see my new Nokia Lumia 830.  I  received it through the #LumiaSwitch Project.  I am currently an iPhone user, so getting used to this phone has been somewhat of a learning curve, but I am getting there.  Any time you switch or upgrade devices, there is always a learning period before … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving Laws In Your State?

I was thinking the other day, which states have enacted laws against distracted driving?  By distracted driving I mean talking on a hand held cell phone or texting while you are driving.  There do seem to be a lot of accidents caused by distracted driving.  So I went on asearch of the internet to find out.  What I found is that not all states have laws in place to prevent this and those that do sometimes only have a law for one or the other and … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Bills

Saving money on monthly bills is a great way to cut down on expenses.  Every year after realizing how much money we spent over the holidays, I try to find ways to save money by altering our current bills.  Here are a few places that I like to check for savings when I evaluate my bills: We have two vehicles and every year I compare car insurance rates and quotes a month or so before my car insurance comes up for renewal.  Calling around for … [Read more...]

Do 12 yr. Olds Need Smart Phones?

My son has had a cell phone since he was in elementary school.  He uses it to talk to family members since we have the same cell phone providers and the calls come free with our plan.  He also keeps it turned on so I can always find him or he can find me at any time should he miss the bus at school or have a problem.  He has never cared for texting and he doesn't use his phone for any personal calls to his friends unless they have the same cell … [Read more...]