Younger Kids And Cell Phones

Is it OK to Let Younger Kids have a Cell Phone? The following post was sent over through email, what is your opinion of this content? Cell phones are everywhere. These days, just about everyone and their great grandma has a smartphone tucked away in a pocket or bag. As adults, we spend a huge amount of time on our cell phones: chatting to friends, checking email, or playing online games, so it is not surprising that kids want the same … [Read more...]

The Balance of Family Daily Device Usage

There seems to be a recent trend in the world of parenting advice where experts are berating parents about how much screen time kids are getting.  Take this article, recently published by Time, for example.  Of course there's no question that plenty of children spend too much time in front of a screen that's acting as a babysitter.  However, I would like to make a point to present the opposite side of the argument: screen time isn't evil.  It … [Read more...]

RAVPower Cell Phone Power Bank #Review

I was given a RavPower Luster Series Power Bank to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. This mini power bank from is perfect for the avid cell phone user on the go.  For example, when I am away from the house at my son's basketball tournaments, it is important that I not run out of cell phone battery.  While at the basketball tournaments, I use my phone to post about the game, share pictures on … [Read more...]