What Are Your New Year’s Day Plans?

Happy New Year everyone!  Last night we made everyone's favorite appetitizers, watched an old Star Wars movie and spent time together.  It was definitely a great way to close out 2015.  Now it's time for everyone to focus on our New Year's Resolutions and work on getting our Christmas decorations put away which I truly dread.  I love watching our Christmas Tree twinkle at night time, but I hate hauling it back up into the attic.  This year I had … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Christmas Decor Saves Time

I love the Christmas decorations, but each year I dread putting everything back up in the attic.  It makes a huge mess and takes a long time.  This year I spent a little extra time organizing my Christmas decorations as I put them away so that next year I'll be more organized when it comes time to decorate our home for Christmas again. Hopefully you've had time to get your Christmas decorations put up for the year, but if you're household is … [Read more...]

What Type Of Cookies Did You Leave Santa?

Do you have all your Christmas Decorations taken down yet?  This was definitely a job that I was not looking forward to, but luckily my kids wanted to help so we got everything put back in its' place in the attic last week while they were still out of school for the holidays. Thank you goodness they helped, we have two trees, which I love to look at, but which I hate to drag up the ladder to the attic. Now that Christmas is over, an all our … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Closets and Make Extra Spending Money

Christmas will be here soon, along with many new items that you may not have room for.  Many people are looking for deals right now onEbay, Craigslist or area websites.  If you can make time to gather up your unwanted items such as toys, Christmas Decorations, Artificial Trees you no longer want to use,  party clothes, gently used kids shoes, and coats, you could sell them on Ebay, local newspapers, consignment shops or donate them to the women's … [Read more...]