Imagine If You Could No Longer Clean Your Own House

What would happen if you could not clean your own house? If every time you tried you had to go straight for an inhaler because your lungs would stop working somewhat. You would try to find a maid-right? Well that's what my friend did. That is a story in itself. The maid services were too expensive. One of the people in her building helped her to advertise on the internet. She found someone--uh--lets just leave it at this--that girl showed up two … [Read more...]

Tackle Large Amounts Of Dirty Laundry

  Summer is going to be here before we know it. That means the kids will be out of school and most likely running around your house keeping it nice and messy for you! That also means your laundry loads will probably double in size. Kids like to play outside, change their outfits, play inside, change again and then once again head outside and change before bed. As a parent myself, I tend to slack on the laundry. I do not mind doing … [Read more...]

Easy Daily Cleaning Tasks

If you have children (yes, husbands DO count!), you know how difficult it can be to keep your home in a clean and working order.  If you have just 10 extra minutes each morning, try and complete these simple cleaning tasks.  You would be surprised at what a difference they make if you are able to do these every morning! First, make all of the beds in the home.  This only takes a few seconds, and it really opens a room up.  A put-together bed … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

Keeping a house cleaning and tidy can be a tricky task – especially with little ones around! Unfortunately, kids seem to have the most fun making a mess and more often than not, it’s up to us to clean up. But, this needn’t be the case and often, cleaning up after our kids can actually propagate bad behavior. If most of the cleaning and tidying gets done during naptime, it’s difficult for children to understand the process of keeping things … [Read more...]

De-Cluttering Your Home: Bathroom

The bathroom is a sticky area to clean out and de-clutter because everyone has his or her own “stuff” in there.   If everyone follows these tips, though, the bathroom will be less full and look a lot neater and more organized! Towels:  You should have one towel per person and a couple guest towels.  If you are only using your towel for a few minutes per day to wipe water off of a clean body, there is no need to wash it daily or throw it in … [Read more...]

De-cluttering Your Home: Kitchen

In Part 1, we discussed de-cluttering the bedroom.  Part 2 is all about the kitchen!  The kitchen is an area that holds a little bit of everything, which means it can get filled up and cluttered pretty quickly!  A few things you can go through (and most likely find a lot to get rid of) are: Glasses and mugs: Any type of cup or mug is automatically a collected item.  If you go to an event and they have a mug as a gift, you take as many as you … [Read more...]

5 Genius Laundry Hacks

Cleaning isn’t something most people enjoy, they would rather be doing ANYTHING else.  How much time have you wasted cleaning?  It’s quite a bit when you think about it.  Think of all the things you could be doing instead of cleaning. That book you wanted to read?  Do it. Want to hit the spa?  Do it.  Want to just sit on the couch and catch your favorite show?  Do that too.  Spend less time cleaning and more time for yourself with these genius … [Read more...]

Keeping Up With The Housework

Keeping Up With the Housework At the end of the day, the very last thing I want to do is laundry. Yet there it sits, watching me, judging me for turning on my favorite movie rather than tackling its endless pile of sweaty gym socks. Are you a busy woman who would rather relax at the end of the day instead of do chores?  Maybe you have a few children who keep you busy or perhaps your career is more than enough to handle without adding extra … [Read more...]