Is Mom Ready to Show Off Her Summer Wardrobe?

With the days to summertime quickly counting down, many moms are hoping to make a splash with their outfits in the coming months. That said, finding the best fit can sometimes prove more challenging than one might think. From changes in weight to certain styles coming and going, many women may think that just about nothing will work for them. Quite to the contrary, there are lots of choices when looking to purchase women's clothing for the … [Read more...]

Is Mom Ready To Be a New Woman?

  Mothers oftentimes have way too much on their plates. That said, having mom opt for a new look in order to feel better about herself can be a welcome change. With that being the case, moms have opportunities galore to change their outward appearance often, even if finances and time are a little tight. So, is it time as a mom that you become a new woman? For those with mothers around, will you encourage and help her to change her … [Read more...]

Why Organic Clothing Is So Much Better For Your Baby

Unless you’ve been in hiding, you know the importance of the phrase “organic.” From foods and building materials to beauty products and clothing, the consumer demand is huge and growing. Organic is especially important when you’re thinking about dressing your baby. The following reasons explain why organic clothing is so much better for them. What Does Organic Mean? The duties of motherhood are plentiful. They also come with a great amount … [Read more...]

Barbara Keisman’s Feel Good Fashion #Giveaway ENDS 6/22

I was given a grey and off white architectural knit pull over hoodie from to use in facilitating my review. When my hoodie arrived, it was packaged nicely and even came with a chocolate treat which really made my afternoon!  It also came with washing instructions and background information about Barbara Keisman and her Feel Good Fashion business.  She believes in helping others and gives 10% of her profits to those in … [Read more...]

New Clothing Store Where One Price Fits All – Only $15 Each

A new online clothing store,, is truly bringing the fun of finding hidden gems and the bargains of thrift shopping online.  Anyone from fashionistas looking for vintage clothing items to name-brand-lovers looking for good deals can find new and gently worn clothing items for no more than $15 each – whether it’s a $200 pair of designer jeans or a $30 blouse. With thousands of items in its inventory, is expected to be the … [Read more...]

Wearing Loose Clothing Hinders Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight?  If so, I have some great tips for you involving the clothing you wear while trying to shed those extra pounds.  Something we ALL love to wear is anything with an elastic waistband.  It’s comfortable, stretchy, and you don’t have to unbutton your jeans after a eating a big meal!  Oversized clothing such as t-shirts and sweatshirts are also comfortable enough to wear daily, but you might not realize that you are … [Read more...]

Make Room, Organize Your Closet

Guess what I have been doing?  I am working on my New Year's Resolution.   Today I hauled out 3 more bags of clothing to be donated.  I quickly went through my son's and husband's tee shirt drawers, then moved on to the clothing in the closet.  Yes, I am a pack rat, but at least I can admit it.  Cleaning out all my unnecessary items will be hard on me so it is best if I do it a little at a time so it doesn't feel like I am parting with too many … [Read more...] $100 Gift Card Giveaway ENDS 2/24

BlogWithMom and AdvertiseWithBloggers are so excited to offer you this amazing giveaway opportunity! Have you heard of Let me tell you; ClothingShopOnline sells t-shirts, hoodies and outerware for the whole family.  Because they skip the middle man and sell directly to you they can offer amazing brands with prices that are 20-75% off what you'd see at Target or Wal-Mart. Plus, buying in Bulk and FREE shipping on orders … [Read more...]