I Shopped Amazon Pantry

I have heard about Amazon Pantry and was a little curious, then I received an email that said my Amazon Pantry  credits were about to expire so I decided it was time to check it out.  It turns out that my Amazon Pantry credit was for $5.99 free shipping for one Amazon Pantry box.  When you check out of Amazon Prime, I had selected the shipping option of not being in a rush in order to get the $5.99 Amazon Pantry credit then had forgotten about … [Read more...]

Time For A Pantry Cleanout

Have you ever done the “Pantry Cleanout” to try and cut down on your grocery bill?  I just read about it, and I think it would be a great thing to do at the end of every month.  If you shop for groceries weekly, try to do your regular trips for the first three weeks.  That last week, before heading out to the store, pull EVERYTHING out of your pantry and try to plan meals with it.  Soups can be used for many meal starters, check out my soup meal … [Read more...]

My Bed Bath & Beyond Accepts Outdated Coupon Mailers

  Make sure to save the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon mailers that come in your mail box.  I have found that my area Bed, Bath and Beyond store accepts outdated coupons, so I save them all and use them for all my Bed, Bath and Beyond purchases.  My local store will even let you purchase your item, bring your receipt back with your coupon  and redeem your savings at a later time if you should need to purchase but don’t have your coupon … [Read more...]

Do You Make Lists & Forget Them At Home?

Does this sound anything like you? I Make Lists—Do You? It seems I am always making lists, lists of things I need at various stores—lots of good it does me.  Are you like me? I make a list, stick it on the refrigerator door then totally forget to take the darn list with me when I go shopping.  As a result I forget to get a whole bunch of items I need until I come home and see that list staring at me as I open the refrigerator door to put … [Read more...]

Save Money: Use Coupon Codes

Everyone loves coupons, especially when they find good ones for products they love!  I get so many coupons in the mail that it ends up becoming another organizing job for me.  I can't tell you how many times I get to the store and realize that I forgot my coupon and get so irritated with myself.  I've had a coupon for $25 off at a local retailer and have been to the store three times now and have left my coupon at home all three times! After … [Read more...]

Stretching The Dollar During The Tough Economy

The Power Of  The Dollar:  Guest Post by Katie Bransson The dollar from our wallet doesn’t go the distance it used to, say 10 years ago. The buying power of the dollar has gone down. We end up paying more  for the same things we used to buy for less a decade ago. That would mean either our wallet should get bigger with the times or our spending habits should get less to be able to manage our finances with a limited budget.  At times, some of … [Read more...]

Mom Blog: Four Tips To Save Money And Reduce Daily Spending

Here are four money saving tips that my family follows regularly to save money and reduce daily spending: We pack a small cooler for our vehicle everywhere we go in order to save money for the day.  For example, when I know we will be gone from the house for over 45 minutes, I pack a cooler with drinks and a snack for everyone.  This is so much cheaper than stopping at the gas station because everyone is thirsty.  This will also keep your ice … [Read more...]