Ribbon Crafts For July 4th

Ah, summer. We all know what that means. School's out, the sun is shining, your kids are begging to go to the pool, and all the stores are filled with adorable patriotic gear that you can't enough of. I know, friends. I've been there too. Here are some of the ways I'm thinking of using all the red, white, and blue ribbon I've found so far (because if I've got a crafty way to use it, it's not a waste of money, right?) Photo Credit: … [Read more...]

Easy Spring Crafts To Enjoy With Your Kids

Spring is here, and it is the best season for crafting.  After all, who doesn’t love cheerful pastels, fresh blooms and adorable little bunnies?  This year, add some extra excitement to your springtime crafting sessions by getting your kids involved.  Creating beautiful spring décor is a great way to teach your kids some crafting skills while bonding as a family.  From festive door decorations to awesome egg art, here are the top craft projects … [Read more...]

Display The Shells From Your Summer Vacation

Going to the beach is a fun past time for  my family.  We love taking a picnic lunch with us, being able to play in the water on good weather days and every time we go we always find the most beautiful shells buried in the sand.  Bringing the shells home with us has been part of the fun since our kids were small; we bring them home, give the a good rinse and set them out to dry in the sun.  During our last visit we noticed that our collection had … [Read more...]

Teaching Colors Through Crafts

If it is time to start learning colors for your little one, check out this fun craft!  They will love forming a rainbow out of pom-poms and learning their colors at the same time! You will need: Blank piece of paper Sharpie marker Color markers Pom-poms (colors of the rainbow plus white for clouds if you want those in the picture) Elmer’s Glue Start off by drawing an outline of the rainbow.  You can draw a sun and some clouds … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Aside from giving out candy and cards, what do kids like to do for others?  Create things!  They like to get crafty!  In fact, they may want to make their own Valentine’s Day cards this year. I have an inexpensive yet fun craft your child can do to make their own cards to hand out to friends.  Please note these are a little bigger than the normal Valentine’s Day card, but they are fun and kids love them!  You and … [Read more...]

Family Flag Activity For Kids

Above you'll see one of my second grader's homework sheets from last week.  The homework assignment was to make a family flag by using the colors that best represent your family.  Once you've got your colors selected, then you needed to come up with a good way to integrate them into a flag design. Here were the color choices and their meanings: Blue:  justice, piety, sincerity Green:  hope Purple:  high rank red-purple: … [Read more...]