Give Moms & Others The Best Customer Service Possible

  What makes your customer service stand out from all the other businesses in your respective industry? In many cases, the answer to that question is the customer service. Yes, while your products and/or services you provide may be second to none, customers (at least the majority of them) appreciate the fact that companies go out of the way for them. Whether it is the added touch or just letting them know you truly appreciate their … [Read more...]

Dyson Customer Service ROCKS

I have had two Dyson vaccums that I have given me issues in the past, but I dealt directly with the store where I purchased them.  This past experience was a little different, my teen thought he'd help with the vaccuming. As soon as he turned the machine on, I saw the top piece from my Dyson vaccum cannister hit the floor and then heard the cannister fall off. Travis brought me over the broken Dyson vaccum cannister latch and I knew we had a … [Read more...]

Business Owners Need To Know

I received a fruit arrangement in August for my birthday from my dda and step mom.  They know that this is one of my favorite treats.  They've narrowed the fruit down to where he sends everyone's favorites.  My husband is a pineapple guy, my youngest loves the grapes, my favorite is the chocolate covered apples and we all love the chocolate covered strawberries. It was Friday night about 7 pm and my family and I were eating supper out that … [Read more...]

There Are Options To Sitting On Hold

Sitting on hold for great periods of time is not my idea of a fun afternoon.  When you take time to contact a company for an appointment or for needed information, the last thing you need is to be placed on hold for what seems to be "forever."  Yesterday I spent at least four hours of my day waiting on hold.  Thank goodness for speaker phones, I was able to place my cell phone on the charger in the kitchen with me, enjoy the elevator music and … [Read more...] Helps With Tuxedo Morph Suit

As you can see from the picture above, my son LOVES his Tuxedo Morph Suit.  We purchased this Tuxedo Morph Suit at a local Party City store, but when we tried it on, we had a few complications so I took it back to the store for an easy return but unfortunately returned back home with the same Tuxedo Morph Suit as I had taken with me to the store to return.  Once I got home, I wrote the following letter to the contact info located on the Party … [Read more...]