Travis’ Artwork Goes To District Art Show

Meet Dakota, she loves the boys!  She's chillin' out on the Bobby's top bunk in the picture above.  Last year our 14 year old son needed a still image to draw in art class, so he snapped this picture.  The teacher really didn't recommend drawing animals, but guess what?  Travis' artwork won an award and was placed in the 2015 - 2016 District Student Art Show after the school had his print professionally framed.   Here's his print, … [Read more...]

Our Dog Dakota Met Up With A Raccoon

We live on a greenbelt so we see many wild animals behind the house who are very brave.  The raccoon and opossums like visiting our pool for a drink and even a few nightly swims.  One night this week, a raccoon challenged Dakota.  She was barking to go out, so I let her outside.  She came back in with mud all over her legs, back and had blood running down her face.  The raccoon had put a gash below her eye as you can see in the image … [Read more...]

Board Your Pets While On Vacation

Before leaving for a trip, we always check Dakota's shot records to make sure that she is up to date on all her shots.  The pet boarding facility also has a veterinary clinic, so it is easy to have her records transferred and kept up to date between the two facilities.  We don't always need vaccinations, but  before leaving for our last trip, we had her checked for heart-worms and she needed a vaccination before she could be boarded.  The … [Read more...]

Dakota Says You WANT to Win The Wash’n Zip Pet Bed ENDS 10/7

Dakota was given this product in order for me to facilitate my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Meet Dakota, sadly this is her first real dog bed, not because I haven't tried, but because she eats them all.  She has a fetish for "cheap" pillow filling.  I can't tell you have many low price pillows she has eaten at my house.  I gave up on dog beds awhile back and got her a carpet runner instead until I found the Wash'nZip Pet … [Read more...]

Dakota & Bobby Review ThunderToy / Thunder Treats

I was given a ThunderToy and ThunderTreats to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. I have to say that my family members are definitely fans of products.  My 7 year old son Bobby and our dog Dakota have reviewed the ThunderShirt, the ThunderLeash and now the ThunderToy along with the ThunderTreats as seem in the picture above. Check out the info on the Thunder Treat bag.  These treats … [Read more...]

Dakota Reviews The Thundershirt

Dakota was given a Thundershirt to use in facilitating this review.  All opinions are 100% mine and not swayed in any way.   My son saw the Thundershirt advertised on tv and said that he knew that's exactly what Dakota needed to keep her quiet at night.  She gets to barking at night and then has to go to bed early.  He wants her to be able to stay in the living room and play with him instead of having to go to her room early because of her … [Read more...]

Travis Goes To Grocery

Travis turned 13 this month and got a scooter for his birthday.  He goes to the basketball court everyday and has been asking for a way to get back and forth to the basketball court this summer besides walking every time.  Yes the walking is great exercise, but by the time he plays ball all day, he is just drained.  Boys his age are riding these scooters, so of course he'd want one too.  He's a good kid and very responsible.  He carries his phone … [Read more...]

Walking To Prepare For Vacation

This summer my family and I plan on doing a lot of walking at theme parks and I am afraid that I may not be able to "hang" with everyone like I did before my knee surgery last year.  I workout on a weekly basis to work my knee and also see a personal trainer who sees to it that I continue to work on strengthening those leg muscles.  I have been talking to her about my fear of not being able to keep up with my family while on vacation and she has … [Read more...]

Opossum Prank

My neighbor saw my Opossum In The pool post and had an idea for a great prank for her husband.  She enlarged the opossum picture on her cell phone and went running to her husband to show him what she had found in her pool.  Of course, he went outside to the pool to track down the critter in the water.  Well, no matter how hard her searched, there was no opossum to be found.  She got a kick out of this and told  me about it.  I saw her husband the … [Read more...]

Dakota Loves Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food

Here's a quick look at the products we received to review from Grandma Lucy's.  The review pack included Natural Tiny Tidbits (snack size meatball treats for dogs), Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats made with 100% Human-quality ingredients for dogs, Freeze Dried Chicken Flavored Pet treats and many trial size Artisan and pure formance freeze dried packs of dog food.  All their products were made with all natural ingredients. Here are the … [Read more...]

Dakota Loves…..

Here's just a little of the mess that I found in the game room.  Recognize it? Our dog Dakota LOVES hard boiled egg yolks and comes running when she hears me cracking a hard boiled egg.  So...she digs all the egg shells out of the trash, chews them up and leaves them laying in the floor.  I can't tell you how many egg shells I've picked up in the game room.  That sounds strange, but the game room is where she goes when she is doing something … [Read more...]

Life’s Short, Get A Dog

  This is Dakota, she is almost 3 and is a very special part of our family.   The kids love her and she makes me feel secure when I am at the house alone.  It’s a known fact that dogs are man’s best friend. Owning a dog can have lots of good, positive impacts in your life and make your family bond stronger. Besides that, we all know and understand how life’s short. By getting a dog that you can love, cherish and enjoy will help you … [Read more...]

Putting Your Pet To Sleep Is Never Easy

I've always heard that "Everyone needs a good cry once in a while."  With this said, I have cried so much today, that I thought I'd pass along a few tears.  I had to put my 14 year old lab to sleep this morning.  She has had diabetes for the last year and a half and was blind due to her daily insulin shots.  She had lost a lot of weight and I had to pick her up every once in a while to help her get around.  We all knew it would come to this, but … [Read more...]

Mom Blog: Does Dakota Catch Her Leash?

For those of you who have been following Dakota's puppy training sessions, we have had conflicting schedules and have missed the last two puppy training sessions.  Our next session will be this Sunday.  In between puppy training sessions, our family has been working with Dakota on sitting and walking on the leash with distractions.  Dakota has mastered potty training  - thank goodness - and isn't biting everyone anymore.  She still loves all … [Read more...]