Houston Area Roadtrip Tips

The following post was sent into the mom blog from Emily Blount - Enjoy! As a recent college graduate I've been driving between Houston, San Antonio, and Austin a lot recently and have become quite the professional roadtripper along the way.  I have found some interesting things on the road (pop-up car repair service… their garage was an empty field with a large piece of cardboard reading “fix ur car here”) so in case y’all take a roadtrip of … [Read more...]

Pictures Of Southfork Ranch: Home Of “Dallas” Television Show

We were in Dallas, Texas and visited Southfork Ranch, which is one of the most recognized homes in TV history. The Southfork Mansion is known for its role in the long-time running show, “Dallas.”  I can remember watching JR and the Ewings on "Dallas"  with my parents when I was younger.  Here are some pictures that I took while touring the Southfork grounds. Here's a REAL Texas Cowboy.  Check him out, he's on his laptop while enjoying the … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons Texas Is This Year’s Spring Break Destination

If you have kids, Spring Break is probably something they can’t wait to happen. So, you should try and make it as memorable as possible for them. Take a look at these five things that make Texas a prime Spring Break destination this year. Spend Some Time on the Galveston Beaches Image via Flickr by Michael J. Trump Many of the Galveston Beaches have been refurbished since Hurricane Ike, making it a beautiful and relaxing place to go on … [Read more...]