Use Your “Special Stuff!”

Do you save things for a special occasion?  If so, this is how I gained so much clutter around my house.  Thank goodness I read a de-cluttering book that "woke me up!"  I saved everything instead of enjoying it.  For example, I used to sell Scentsy from 2012 -2013 so I have TONS of scent packs and the Scentsy sample kit shown above.  I never wanted to burn any scents when I wasn't in that particular room, so my Scentsy warmer only got used at … [Read more...]

Declutter Strategies

If you have been following along with my home remodeling, you know that I had to declutter a bit (remember all of those bags of things I got rid of?).   It can be hard to declutter once the clutter has added up over the years.  That is why I have come up with some decluttering strategies for you! First, you will want to put your first STOP clutter efforts where they will bear the most fruit.  Look for the places where you struggle the most and … [Read more...]

De-Cluttering Your Home: Living Room / Office

It’s time for Part 4 of our De-cluttering the home series!  Part 4 will cover the living room and office area. Books:  If there is one thing that collects dust faster than anything else, it’s a book sitting on a shelf.  If you have a bookshelf full of books, go through them and see which ones you are likely to read again. I f you come up with a stack that you will most likely never pick back up, consider donating them to the local library or … [Read more...]

De-cluttering Your Home: Kitchen

In Part 1, we discussed de-cluttering the bedroom.  Part 2 is all about the kitchen!  The kitchen is an area that holds a little bit of everything, which means it can get filled up and cluttered pretty quickly!  A few things you can go through (and most likely find a lot to get rid of) are: Glasses and mugs: Any type of cup or mug is automatically a collected item.  If you go to an event and they have a mug as a gift, you take as many as you … [Read more...]