Stair Railing Renovation In Progress

Above you'll see the stairs from our home.  For the last few years, I have wanted to replace the wooden spindles with wrought iron but didn't want to spend the money.  This past December, we were unloading Christmas boxes from the attic and my husband slipped and fell hard against the top railing.  Thank goodness the railing held him and kept him from falling from the second floor.  After this incident, it was time to replace the stair rails … [Read more...]

Are You Ready For Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?  Are all your Christmas decorations displayed throughout your home?  Here's the biggest question:  Is all your shopping done?  All our our Christmas decorations are up and all those boxes and tubs are shoved back up into the attic.  We're ready to cook up some of our favorite holiday desserts next week when the kids get out of school, but of course, shopping is not done.  Each year this happens, I try to be prepared, … [Read more...]

Upgraded Doorknobs Make A Statement

When we first entered our "new home to be" while house hunting six years ago, the upgraded doorknobs and upgraded dining room light fixture definitely caught my eye.  It wasn't until we had moved into the new home, that we realized that the previous homeowners had strategically updated the downstairs fixtures and doorknobs while leaving the upstairs back in 1995 when the house had been first built.  So, all my downstairs doorknobs were beautiful … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Find The Perfect Bed Linen

Go Bold! Guest Post:  How to match the perfect bed linen to your bedroom  When deciding on your perfect bed linen, it is often a better idea to contrast rather than try to directly match patterns and colors. While this can be a little intimidating at times, it is important to be confident with bold decisions. Layer patterns onto your bedding, you can create a much more diverse and interesting bedroom space this way. Mixing and matching a … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Create The Perfect Bedroom For Children

I have been thinking of redecorating my son's room and this guest post caught my attention, so I thought I'd pull it out of my email and share it with you:  This is my 6 year old's room.  The top bunk is for playtime, bottom bunk for bedtime. We all remember our bedroom from when we were children - where we hid our diary, the style of the duvet we snuggled under at night and the posters of the bands and football teams we were infatuated … [Read more...]

Teleflora: Decorating Your Wedding, Made Simple

  The weather here in Texas is perfect for a Fall wedding.  Just think of the beautiful fall flower arrangements decorating the tables at the reception.  What about the flowers you'll need for decorating your wedding service, whether it be in a church, on the beach or in an outdoor garden.  Your bridal party will need flowers, from the flower girl, all the way up to the gorgeous bride! Teleflora has a huge selection of fall wedding flowers … [Read more...]