GiftCardRescue #Giveaway: $100 Kohl’s Gift Card ENDS 8/18

I am happy that you were able to  join Adventures of 8 and Blog with Mom in a new Advertise with Bloggers Event! How many gift cards do you have sitting around? Do you have gift cards to stores or restaurants that you either don't visit often or are not near you? Well, stop letting that money just sit around, instead go to and turn that unwanted gift card into cash or into the gift card that you could use! Cool, … [Read more...]

What Is Plastic Jungle?

I have recently looked into joining  I couldn't help but check it out, I had to find out what happened at a site with such a cool name.  LOL This is what I learned, directly off their site: "At, you can buy, sell, or trade your gift cards. You can buy gift cards at a discount averaging 15 percent off the card's face value, and in some cases 30 percent off or higher. There's no risk since Plastic Jungle … [Read more...]