Get Involved: Take The KIND Challenge!!!

Join, where an act of kindness can make a HUGE difference in someone else's life.  I would like to donate to various charities, but can't afford to help everyone.  I love being a part of the Kind Movement, because I can "donate" without needing to send any money!  The Kind Movement is based on the fact that one small act of kindness from someone can make a huge difference for someone else. This program urges people to "Do the … [Read more...]

Help Other’s Through

Organizations call my home at night and throughout the weekends asking me to donate money to their charity.  I have certain charities that I send donations to every year, but there is no way that I can afford to help out everyone that calls my house.  As a matter of fact, these phone calls start to become very irritating after awhile.  In the past, I have tried to tell the person on the line that I have already donated what I can for the year, … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Closets and Make Extra Spending Money

Christmas will be here soon, along with many new items that you may not have room for.  Many people are looking for deals right now onEbay, Craigslist or area websites.  If you can make time to gather up your unwanted items such as toys, Christmas Decorations, Artificial Trees you no longer want to use,  party clothes, gently used kids shoes, and coats, you could sell them on Ebay, local newspapers, consignment shops or donate them to the women's … [Read more...]