An Opportunity To Make An Impact With Targeted Giving

Mothers are almost always looking for opportunities to give back.  As mothers parent their own children, they develop an appreciation for the suffering taking place around the world.  Simply put, children die every single day from diseases that are preventable.  This is especially true in parts of Africa where conditions ravage entire regions.  The good news for moms and for others is that there are now ways to engage in targeted giving.  Rather … [Read more...]

Guest Post: 3 Companies That Put Revenue Back Into the Community

Often, when there's a discussion about companies putting revenue back into the community, most of the conversation seems to focus on large corporations and millions of dollars.  However, in reality, many small businesses are noticeably impacting their communities, although they may be unable to match the donations of large corporations.  Small business owners are aware of the benefits of giving back and are also getting their employees involved. … [Read more...]

Make Room, Organize Your Closet

Guess what I have been doing?  I am working on my New Year's Resolution.   Today I hauled out 3 more bags of clothing to be donated.  I quickly went through my son's and husband's tee shirt drawers, then moved on to the clothing in the closet.  Yes, I am a pack rat, but at least I can admit it.  Cleaning out all my unnecessary items will be hard on me so it is best if I do it a little at a time so it doesn't feel like I am parting with too many … [Read more...]

Help Your Child Downsize Their Toy Collection

Remember, the holidays are coming and you'll need extra space for those new gifts in your home.  Time to get room cleared out so you'll be prepared!  Did you step on a Lego this morning?  Did you stub your toe for the millionth time on your child's favorite toy?  Maybe you tripped on a dollhouse that was left in the middle of the hallway.  You might have even found yourself stepping in craft supplies that were discarded on the floor.  Regardless … [Read more...]