Mom Can Make A Difference in Solving a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Mom Can Make the Difference in Solving a Drug or Alcohol Addiction  Is there anything that mom can’t seem to do? From raising a family and oftentimes holding down a full-time job to being on the frontline more times than not to fix problems at home, moms have a lot of stuff on their plates. That being the case, a challenge that even moms can feel overwhelmed with at times is drug or alcohol addictions. One of the more common drug problems, … [Read more...]

Chris Herren Spoke To Conroe ISD Families

Last night Chris Herren came to speak at the local church and the community was invited.  It was a free event and the high school students from our school district were all asked to attend.  For my son, the teacher's were offering incentives such as bonus points and no homework for the night if they attended the event.  There were tons of people there and traffic was horrible as they didn't have anyone directing traffic and many of the drivers … [Read more...]

School Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week at school.  Each day of the week has a different theme. Monday's theme was "Drug Ruins Dreams." On this day, the kids could wear pajamas to school. Tuesday's theme was "Hairs to a Drug Free Life." This was Crazy Hair Day.  Bobby was thrilled about this day, he wanted to test out the blue hair color we found in our hall closet while we were decluttering. Wednesday's theme was "Red Out," where the … [Read more...]