Start Preparing NOW for 2013 Taxes

Hopefully you got all your paperwork done and either submitted your taxes for 2012 or gave them to who ever will be doing them for you by now.  So that you don’t get as stressed out next year here are a few pointers to keep those records straight all year long without much fuss or bother!  Simple is always the way to go. Tip#1-    Buy colored file folders. Use one color for your Schedule C (business) and a different color for your personal … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Bills

Saving money on monthly bills is a great way to cut down on expenses.  Every year after realizing how much money we spent over the holidays, I try to find ways to save money by altering our current bills.  Here are a few places that I like to check for savings when I evaluate my bills: We have two vehicles and every year I compare car insurance rates and quotes a month or so before my car insurance comes up for renewal.  Calling around for … [Read more...]