Share Your Testimony, Save A Life

If you have ever been through a tough time in your life, as I am sure we all have, I urge you to share your testimony on social media if you are comfortable with it. It is so incredible to find out just how many people are dealing with a problem internally that they are too scared to talk about in public or even in private with someone they know. When you post about your life online, you are not only inviting others into your personal life, … [Read more...]

Timehop – The Digital Time Capsule App

If you have been on Facebook lately, you have probably seen a few Timehop posts pop up on your newsfeed.  Timehop is an app that you can download for FREE for your smartphone.  Basically, Timehop will show you what you posted a year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago, etc. on that specific day. You will see links, status updates, photos, videos, etc.  This is a great way to bring back memories and also see the changes you have made over the … [Read more...]

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Save time posting on both Facebook and Twitter by linking your Twitter account to your Facebook account.  Once this is done, each time you post on Facebook, you will also be posting on Twitter without needing to visit Twitter or another "pre-scheduling" site like, Hootesuite or TweetDeck to do so.  Pre-scheduling sites are great, but you will get better exposure on Facebook if you post directly on Facebook instead of using a third … [Read more...]

How to Use Hashtags and @’s On Facebook and Twitter

If you've been looking for new ways to promote your blog, eBook, or business, you're in luck!  Both Twitter and Facebook have several ways that you can gain even more exposure for your products.  While you might only have a few followers or fans, it's still possible to get people to see what you're selling.  Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to market your blog or website is to learn about hashtags (#) and the power of tagging … [Read more...]

Fotobounce Review: Safely Share Photos Online

I do not make it a practice of posting any personal photos online.  I am concerned that my children's pictures will be "stolen" and featured on a website page, advertising who knows what.  I feel this way because I have a website myself and have learned how easy it is to "take" someone's photos and use them on a website page if the owner does not know how to protect their photos.  So, instead of "protecting my photos," I just don't post them.  I … [Read more...]