Floor Mats, Premises Liability, and Protecting Guests from Accidents

Have you given this any thought?  A quick primer on premises liability can convince any homeowner of the importance of entrance mats and runners.  These simple yet effective products perform at least 3 critical tasks to make the home a more comfortable and enjoyable place.  First, mats provide moisture, debris, and bacteria control, often serving as the first line of defense against incoming precipitation and pollutants that might otherwise ruin … [Read more...]

Mom Blog Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey

This is a review written on my personal 2011 Honda Odyssey. Here's a picture of my personal Smokey Topaz 2011 Honda Odyessy.  My previous vehicle was a 2006 Honda Odyessy, so you can see I am an Odyessy fan. The console is great and all the controls are user friendly.  I am able to have XM radio and program my favorite stations.  I would say Radio Disney is playing 95% of the time! The open "box" you see if the cooler that is … [Read more...]