Chicken Hot Wings #Recipe

  Does your family enjoy eating chicken hot wings at the restaurants?  Have you ever made them at home?  Linda sent her favorite Chicken Hot Wings Recipe over so I thought I'd share it on the mom blog today. Chicken Hot Wings Recipe You can buy packages of frozen chicken wings that have already been dejointed or you can buy fresh chicken and dejoint it yourself. Arrange the wings on an aluminum foil lined pan and cook until … [Read more...]

Ever Been The “OTHER WOMAN?”

  Fortunately, we have had season passes to the Houston Texan football games for a few years now.  Since we attend a lot of the games, we know some of the other Houston Texan season ticket holders in our section.  Some of the season ticket holders sell their tickets for most of the season, while the other ones are die hard Texan fans and wouldn't miss a game for the world!  I usually sit next to Julie, a season ticket holder that always … [Read more...]

Does Your Husband Watch Football?

I always have a hard time selecting the right Christmas gift for my husband.  He doesn't want to receive the items that I feel that he really needs like dress shirts for work, extra socks, underwear or a new pair of sunglasses for his drive to work.  He wants something fun and exciting, just like the kids.  Do you have a hard time shopping  for your husband?  My husband has about given up on getting any gifts that he would consider "fun" from me, … [Read more...]

Fatheads Are Great Additions To Kids Rooms

I ordered both of my kids Fathead Stickers for their bedroom walls for Christmas.  I have never had these wall stickers before, but have seen them online.  I couldn't wait to get them and decorate their rooms with them.  I hung one of the large Fathead Wall Stickers up and it looked great.  I went back to my son's room a few hours later and the Fathead Sticker was gone!  It had fallen off the wall and was rolled up on the floor.  I had paid a lot … [Read more...]