Amazon Prime Benefits – Are They For You?

Are you a frequent shopper on  Do you normally buy tons of items but HATE the shipping charges?  How about movies and TV shows?  Do you normally rent them through Redbox or your local movie store?  Are you an e-book reader?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these (more is better!), you should consider signing up for Amazon Prime! Amazon Prime is a service Amazon offers and it is very beneficial.  There are many freebies that come … [Read more...]

Shop For Coupon Codes When Making Online Purchase

How often do you shop online?  Do you ever shop for coupon codes while in the process of checking out?  I have been able to get free shipping, and save a percentage off my bill numerous times by grabbing one of these online codes.  There are several sites where you can find coupon codes, but I usually do not browse those sites because that may cause me to want to shop more.  I wait until I have the product in my online shopping cart, then I … [Read more...]

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done

If you are trying to get your  shopping done before the kids get out of school, you better hurry!  Christmas break will be here before you know it. Right now, you can still do your online shopping without the fear of it arriving too late.  I do most of my online shopping off and Walmart Site to Store., with site to store pickup allows you to send a prepaid gift straight to the pickup department (old layaway dept. in our … [Read more...]