www.alphabetphotography.com #Review THUMBS UP!

I received this Alphabet Photography from www.alphabetphotography.com to use in faciliting my review.  All opinions are mine alone. When I first contacted about this review, I really didn't know what I would do with one of these.  My kids are older and I didn't think they would like it in their room and I didn't know that it would look right in our home but I thought I could customize one that would work as a holiday gift so I accepted the … [Read more...]

52 Things I Love About You – DIY Valentines Day Gift

Do you have an old deck of cards lying around?  Do you want to do something creative with them?  Here's a fun Valentine's Day project for you. You will need: a deck of cards a marker (any color) some paper tape a hole puncher pair of scissors two binder rings You can find binder rings at Walmart for a great price.  You can even find them at a local dollar store! Directions: First you need to cut the paper up in squares … [Read more...]