$100 ClothingShopOnline Gift Card Giveaway ENDED

BlogWithMom is glad to offer a third chance for you to win a $100 Gift Card From ClothingShopOnline!!! Summer is upon us and I don't know about you, but I have found that clothing shopping can get very expensive... that is why I tend to frequent ClothingShopOnline that sells t-shirts, hoodies and outerwear for the whole family. Because they skip the middle man and sell directly to you they can offer amazing brands with prices that are 20-75% … [Read more...]

Enter To #Win BellyHood Giveaway ENDS 4/7

Thanks to AdvertiseWithBloggers.com, I  am very-excited to give YOU the opportunity to WIN a $200.00 Diapers.com Gift Card! Are you trying to conceive, pregnant, or a brand-new Mommy? If so, you need to look into BellyHood.com. Have you not heard of BellyHood.com? Well, it is an online meeting place to talk to and get advice from other moms. The forums are easy-to-navigate and full of useful information. Plus, they have monthly drawings for … [Read more...]

Giveaways: I WANT To Know!

Tell me, what is your favorite type of giveaway form?  I am partial to Rafflecopter because this was the first real giveaway form I used with my giveaways after using the old fashioned way of entering where you do it all through the comment section. Or is your giveaway tool preference Giveaway Tools Or are you still a fan of the good old fashioned giveaways where you use the comment section to record your entries?  I am very interested in … [Read more...]

Long Island Update Post Hurricane Sandy

The following info. comes from Gay over at MirthInABox.com  She was in the process of setting up an awesome giveaway with AdvertiseWithBloggers.com when Hurricane Sandy came through and put a damper on things for a few days.  Here's what she said on 11/5/12: I feel very lucky to have power and internet.  27% of our town is still without power and many more people have no internet.  This photo was taken about 6/10 of a mile away from Long Island … [Read more...]

#Win Tangram Puzzle From CarsonDellosa ENDED

Have you ever played with Tangrams?  If not, I would highly recommend getting a set for your family.  I taught 5th grade and loved to use them in my classroom and even at home in a Tangram face off with my husband.  A Tangram is a set of 7 pieces that fit together to make a rectangle.  Each of these pieces is used in making different shapes which you try to "copy" while looking at the Tangram puzzle which is seen as a solid black figure on a … [Read more...]

BagBlaze Giveaway ENDED

Bagblaze.com gave me the opportunity to review one of their purses and I chose the Dionisia Crossbody bag.  It is perfect for adding to my outfit when I need to dress up.   It is very easy to wipe off and is even waterproof.  This wasn't an aspect that I had planned on reviewing, but a day at Chuckie Cheese with my 6 year old took care of that aspect of the bag.  He loves chocolate milk, so I put the lid on his milk and put it in side my purse … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Delicious Brownies At GourmetGiftBaskets.com ENDED

GourmetGiftBaskets.com sent me a sample package of their brownie that were AMAZING.  There was peanut butter, fudge walnut, cheesecake, butterscotch blondie, belgian chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia nut blondie.   The brownies were individually wrapped and large in size.  I checked the serving size and one brownie equals 2 servings or in other words, "One big brownie for me!"  Unfortunately these brownies only lasted 2 days in my … [Read more...]

Himalayan Salt Lamp Review

I received my 6 lb. Himalayan Salt Lamp  from www.himalayansaltshop.com and it is AWESOME!  This is the neatest lamp that I have ever had.  I love unique items and this is definitely unique.  Each lamp has a unique shape as no one salt rock is identical since it is natural and not man made. This lamp lets off more light than expected, and is perfect for lighting up the living room at night while watching television.  I love this lamp so … [Read more...]

Review / Giveaway Dry Cleaner’s Secret ENDED

I contacted Dry Cleaner's Secret about their Woolite Dry Clean at Home product.  To my surprise, they sent me a box of Woolite Dry Clean at Home Original Scent, a box of Woolite Dry Clean at Home Fragrance Free,  Wrinkle Releaser Plus and a bag of PRO Wash Activewear Detergent! I wanted to try the Dry Clean at Home product because I am currently paying $4.75 every time I have one pair of my husband's work pants dry cleaned!  The Dry Clean at … [Read more...]

Giveaway: SportyNames Personalized Prints – ENDED

SportyNames.com offers personalized sports prints for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA College teams and more.  The sports fanatic in your family will love a personalized professional locker room print with their name on the jersey hung alongside their favorite players.  How about a sports action print in the middle of a fast paced ballgame?  SportyNames also offers prints featuring golf, racing, kids soccer, family art, lovers art, Hollywood art, … [Read more...]

Be The Next Giveaway Winner on BlogWithMom.com

Be on the lookout for new giveaways at BlogWithMom.com.  If you are in the Houston area or surrounding areas make sure you sign up for the current Houston giveaway from aDealio.  They are giving away $100 Houston aDealio Bucks for one lucky winner to use for food / entertainment around Houston!  This giveaway ends 8/17/2011 so get your entries in now. I just received an email from Michelle who recently won the flip cam that was sponsored by T. … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: $100 Houston Texas aDealio Bucks – Ended

Follow Directions Below To Enter The Giveaway For A Chance At $100 Houston, TX aDealio Bucks! $100 aDealioHouston Bucks WILL buy tons of entertainment in Houston and the surrounding areas! They have a ton of great daily deals for folks in our area! Enter this Houston giveaway for a chance to win $100 in Houston aDealio bucks! That could go FAR in getting a really great deal in Houston Texas AND it will be free! . . . Below you'll find 4 … [Read more...]

Snoogi Children’s CD & Starbuck’s Giftcard Giveaway

Here's the giveaway you've been waiting for!  Submit your entries today and win a Snoogi audio book for a special child and a $10 Starbuck's giftcard for you! See entry rules at the bottom of the post. Many smart and talented children are not having the success they deserve because they are easily distracted, have little patience or cannot concentrate on one thing at a time and this is why Mona Refay developed the SNOOGi audio stories to help … [Read more...]