Our High School Basketball Season Is Over

This year's basketball season was great!  My son was on the Sophomore Woodlands's High School basketball team and they scored many victories throughout the season.  Above you can see where he just made his free throw and the team is after the ball.  It happened so quickly, that I was able to catch him still on his tip toes from jumping as he shot the ball.  These were my favorite photos throughout the season.  Each time he shot a free throw, I … [Read more...]

Travis’ Team Wins First Basketball Game Of The Season

Tonight was Travis' first highschool basketball game of the season.  It was out of town, so the team rode on the bus while the parents met up with the kids before the game at the hosting school's court.  I didn't have much time to get ready this afternoon and really wanted to wear my new Jamberry nailwraps to the game, so I wrapped up one nail on each hand and shot out the door. Since the game was so early, we had to pick up Bobby from … [Read more...]