Hoffman Academy Offers a Great New Way to Learn Piano

Piano lessons. They're a little like broccoli. They're good for you, but how many kids really like them? If you want your kids to be learning the piano and loving it, try Hoffman Academy. Right now, Hoffman Academy is running a Kickstarter campaign to build a new, online piano learning system. It starts out with free online video lessons. Hoffman Academy already has 120 piano lessons online, with over 5 million views and counting. Add to … [Read more...]

HoffmanAcademy.com Offers Piano Learning Materials Giveaway ENDS 1/5

Did you take piano lessons as a child?  My piano teacher lived right down the street from the middle school, so twice a week, I would carry my piano folder to school with me and walk to her house for my afternoon lesson.  My parents were thrilled with this convenience and I was very good at the piano, but I really didn't care for my teacher.  I practiced my piano lessons at home throughout the week and then dreaded my weekly lessons at my piano … [Read more...]