Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Want to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain? Follow These Important Tips Tempting sweets, holiday favorites, late nights, and the stress of purchasing the right gift for your loved ones probably has your life feeling like it’s spiraling out of control. If you want to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain, you’re sure to find the following tips easy on your waistline. Schedule Time to Exercise Getting motivated to exercise can be difficult to do. … [Read more...]

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. Check out this video, iMetabolic has got me figured out!  Holiday weight gain is my #1 problem.  Just think, every holiday comes with a different type of treat. Take Easter, how much candy did you eat, just preparing for it?  How much candy did you eat with your children on Easter morning?  How much candy did you eat afterwards when the Easter candy was 75% off at the store? Have you ever heard of  iMetabolic?  They offer weight loss … [Read more...]