Internet Can Be Dangerous For Kids – Use Safeguards

My boys are ages nine and fifteen.  Both boys own smartphones and have access to laptops. You can see my youngest above searching images for me when it was time for me to choose a design for our new wrought iron stair railing.  He was thrilled about helping me, so I set him to work online to find his favorite designs. My nine year old uses his smartphone while at home for games and calling / texting one friend and our family.  I make sure that … [Read more...]

Online Safety Tips for Summer Surfing

I was approached by Verizon and asked to share this guest post with you which was written by Cliff Lee.  Check it out, it has a lot of valuable information concerning our kids' safety on the net. My kids love the internet, so I will definitely take heed. I hope this information will be of help to you too. For many families, summer is a time to reconnect.  Except for some time at the beach or in the mountains, summer vacation also means the … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Children Safe Online: 5 Tips

No one wants their child to fall victim to an online predator.  Read the following informative post by George Baker to learn more about protecting your children while they are online. Keeping Your Children Safe Online: 5 Tips by George Baker In the grand scheme of things, the internet has not been in use for very long; however, that does not mean that children and teens are not growing up with it as one of their main sources of entertainment. … [Read more...]