Review: Kindle App For iPhones

The Kindle App for Smartphones is very user friendly!  I have an iPhone 5 and just installed this app on my phone this past weekend.  Once this app was installed, it asked me for my Amazon account information so it could download any books that I were currently saved inside my Amazon account.  Since this would be my first e-book experience, there were no books inside my Amazon account, so the Kindle App was useless until I bought an ebook to use … [Read more...]

Make International Calls With iPhone ChatTime App

Do you make international calls?  Personally, I do not make any international calls, but I have several neighbors that spend large amounts of money each month in order to stay in touch with their out of country friends and family.  If I were paying money to place international calls, I have to say that my calls would be rushed and to the point.  When you talk on the phone, do you find yourself on there for longer than expected?  Just think how it … [Read more...]

NEW aWareAbouts iPhone App: Kid Safety

Today I received a request to post an article featuring a new iphone app from Aaron Eldredge, a developer with a new mobile app development company called Intelligent Design.  This company is  a small operation in Salt Lake City that just launched a child safety app named “aWareAbouts." aWareabouts is a new iphone app designed to help make kids safe, and keep parents sane. It will help parents and children to set up a system where the child … [Read more...]