Apps That Make Life Easier

In the 21st century cell phones play an important role in daily lives.  This is due to the fact they are also smartphones and tablets.  In essence, they are automated assistants that are available at a moment’s notice.  Apps are the reason these electronic gurus are so popular.  There are tons of app categories based on the needs and preferences of users. It does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad or an Android device, there are apps … [Read more...]

CookieCoo Dancing Star for iPad: Teach your children valuable motor skills!

Learn more about CookieCoo Dancing Star for the iPad -  an app for children ages 3+, from the creator himself! CookieCoo Dancing Star is one of the most important gaming apps that any parent should have in their arsenal when it comes to keeping their kid busy even for a few minutes for that much needed peace.  This game is designed not only to entertain your little one but also teach them how to correctly use their eyes, ears, and their hands at … [Read more...]