#Review DreamTagTell Journal App – Try it!

Do you have wild, crazy dreams?  Are your dreams fresh and real when you wake and then fade away soon?  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, either scared because someone is chasing after me, the house is being robbed, the kids are being hurt or something completely insane, or stupid is happening and I want to tell someone about it ASAP.  I know if I don't talk about my dream soon, that the details will slowly fade away if it was a … [Read more...]

Morotobi’s Adventure: Sweet, Silly Storytime on iOS

Do you currently use iTunes to find games or ebooks for your children?  The developer of Morotobi's Adventure is on the mom blog today to tell us more about this kid friendly game. iTunes has plenty of variety when it comes to games for little ones as well as grown-ups but sometimes it’s nice to share an old-fashioned storybook together instead of trying to rack up points, right? Well, Morotobi’s Adventure has everything an old-fashioned … [Read more...]