How Do You Fragrance Your Home?

Do you love the scent and ambience of candles but have a beloved pet that makes it virtually impossible to light one--even if you are in the midst of a power failure? Well I know a couple of people like that! One in particular says she has lots of decorative candles that she just could not pass up (there are a lot of them out there!) but they are essentially dust collectors if she doesn't find them on the floor somewhere. You see, her cat---well … [Read more...]

Add A Citronella Candle To Your Night

I love my Jewelry In Candles line and just ordered the Citronella candle for my porch since the Texas weather is perfect for enjoying the night out on the back porch. You can read about their Citronella Candles by clicking: Even better - these candles also come with a piece of hidden jewelry inside!  You can choose between a necklace, earrings or … [Read more...]

I’m Back In Candle Sales Again

Well, here I am again - candle salesman for the third time around!  Fifteen years ago I made my own gel candles in my kitchen home business which we sold online and at local craft shows.  Our home business was called Munsey's Creative Candles.  Once our son began walking, it became more of a task attending craft shows with him.  One minute he was right beside you and the next he was leaning over the top of the candle jars holding out candles for … [Read more...]