Sponsored Video: #StirUpBreakfast

Are you a cereal fan?  Have you ever thought about adding a little twist to your normal, every day cereal? Kellogg’s Rice Krispies® has always been a hit in our house, but what if we were to add peaches, cashews, coconut-giner yogurt, sliced basil and mint to our bowl?  Chef Christina Tosis developed that cereal twist for the #StirUpBreakfast Kellogg campaign.  Honestly, until I read about this campaign, I hadn't even thought about adding … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video: Rice Krispies Cereal Makes Sense

Is there a special time in your day that you devote to your child?  Do you ride bikes to school with them, sit with them at the bus stop or eat breakfast with them once they wake?  Kids need some "mom - child alone time."  I always pour my son a bowl of cereal each morning when he wakes, but he would prefer me to eat a bowl at the breakfast table with him.  This is when he likes to talk about the day ahead of him, his quizzes, grades and upcoming … [Read more...]