Halloween Mummy Jars – Get Prepared

Even though Halloween is still a few months away, I love getting ready for Halloween crafts ahead of time so I can go ahead and start collecting the supplies I need. Mummies are creepy and cool at the same time, and they are a lot of fun to make!  Photo Credit:  www.whilehewasnapping.com Here’s what you will need: Glass canning jars (I always see a ton at our local Goodwill/thrift store) Paintbrush Medical gauze Mod podge or … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

Keeping a house cleaning and tidy can be a tricky task – especially with little ones around! Unfortunately, kids seem to have the most fun making a mess and more often than not, it’s up to us to clean up. But, this needn’t be the case and often, cleaning up after our kids can actually propagate bad behavior. If most of the cleaning and tidying gets done during naptime, it’s difficult for children to understand the process of keeping things … [Read more...]

My Picky Eater Loves Applesauce

Do you have a picky eater?  If so, no problem!  I know someone who absolutely hated vegetables when she was younger and she refused to eat them.  Her grandmother did some research and got creative in the kitchen.  Since her granddaughter hated carrots, she decided to puree them and mix them in with cinnamon applesauce.  You can’t taste the carrots at all, and you still get the nutritional value from them!  The applesauce does turn orange, but the … [Read more...]

What Makes You A Proud Parent?

What makes you a proud parent?  Is it when you see your children achieve their goals?  When they climb higher and higher to reach better destinations?  Is it when they are doing well in school or becoming their own person?  Is it when they use manners in public?  Sometimes we tend to focus on the negative more than the positive.  As parents, we often end up criticizing to fix a bad behavior rather than celebrate the good behaviors our children … [Read more...]

Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

If you were to take a poll and ask adults what was one of the number one things they remember wanting the most when they were children, I'd be willing to bet that 50% or more would say that their childhood dream was to own a horse/pony.  In a child's eyes there's just something special about having a horse of their own to love, ride and care for but if you, as a parent, have been or have ever considered the possibility of giving in and buying … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking To A Workout Routine Part 2

Remember part 1? Well this is part 2! Let’s get started!  We talked about 7 tips to help you start and stick to a workout routine in part 1. Here are 7 more tips to keep you on track: Get your family involved.  Both my kids love to workout and go on bike rides with their dad.  Working out is more fun when you have a partner and this is really a must if you plan to workout throughout the summer if you have children that are home with you. … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Get Your Kid To Try New Foods

At some point or another every parents comes to a battle of wills with their child.  Whether it's over picking up the toys they've strewn from one end of the house to the other, putting on appropriate clothing so you can leave the house and make it to an appointment on time or simply following directions, I know my fellow parents have come up against the wall of wills more than once in their parenting days.  For a lot of you the biggest battle … [Read more...]

Adding A Dog To Your Family?

Are the kids now at an age where you feel a new addition to the family is a viable option?  Perhaps you've been thinking of getting a puppy or dog eventually anyway.  There is quite a lot of information out there about choosing the right canine for your family, and it should be heeded. When adopting a dog, I'd always recommend trying a shelter first.  These are the animals that need the homes the most, and if you are dead set on getting a … [Read more...]

Molar In The Mirror Review #Giveaway ENDS 5/29

I was given a Molar In The Mirror Box Set to use in facilitating my review from mightymolarman.com.  All opinions are my own. This review/giveaway is brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and MightyMolarMan.com.  Above you will see a picture of the Mighty MolarMan box set.  It comes with the Molar in the Mirror Book and Mighty MolarMan plush toy which comes with a suction cup hanger for use on your child's mirror. MightyMolarMan … [Read more...]

6 Summer Essentials For The Kids

Oh sweet summer time, but with kids, sometimes it may not be quite as sweet as it seems.  Going to the beach can be quite the process with young kids, almost taking the enjoyment and relaxation out of it for yourself.  Teens can become a walking expense when you finally get to pull them out of the house and away from their electronics.  No worries, we’re here to help.  These products are must-haves that will make the summer easier on yourself and … [Read more...]

DIY: Make a FUN Easter Candy Centerpiece

Easter is almost here and I've been running short on time.  We've had a few home projects going on and there is a constant wind of sawdust in the air so I decided not to bring out my Easter decorations this year, but it just doesn't feel like Easter without a few Easter decorations in the house.  I found a few ideas on Pinterest which let me to making a quick Easter Candy Centerpiece to surprise the kids with when they got home from school.  If … [Read more...]

Field Trip To Houston Zoo

This month the second graders at our school went on a field trip to the Houston Zoo.  Our school is very lucky that we have tons of volunteers.  There were so many chaperones that each group of kids was no more than two to three kids each which makes for an easy to manage day out.  My group consisted of my son and his buddy.  This field trip to the Houston Zoo was a great time for a map reading lesson.  The boys watched the map the entire day and … [Read more...]

Home Organization Ideas For Kid Items

Keeping your home organized can be challenging, especially if you have children.  The key is sticking to your budget and working within your means!  I have a few (cheap) tips that can help to keep your home organized and neat looking all the time! Let’s say the weather outside is bad and your kids are desperate to do something fun and entertaining but they are stuck in the house.  This happens all too often, and parents are usually scrambling … [Read more...]

Keep Your Child’s Spelling Words Handy

My son has a weekly spelling test which we prepare for throughout the week.  Sometimes he is in the mood to study and we don't have the spelling list with us.  Yes, we can remember a few words, but depending on how much we have studied these works so far, we can't always remember very many of them of the top of our heads for us to review at any given time.  In order to be prepared to study his spelling words at any given time, I take a picture of … [Read more...]

What Are You Doing With That?

My son was playing basketball yesterday afternoon and then I noticed that I no longer heard the bouncing of the wall on our driveway.  I stepped out the backdoor to find him doing this!  First of all he is standing on my favorite owl statue and then has the pool net - what is he doing?  I told him that his weight could break the owl and then he'd get cut so get down!  He continues to look over the fence, and tells me his plan to scoop up his … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Card Box For School Exchange

Tomorrow the Valentines's Day cards and Valentine's Day boxes are due at school.  The kids will exchange Valentine's Day cards and also need to have their own personalized box or bag to use for collecting their own Valentine's Day cards during their Valentine's Day Class Party.  Luckily I had hit a great Valentine's Day sale last year and we were set with the cards, all we needed was a sucker for each student.  My fun had a lot of fun personally … [Read more...]