Easy Photo Flower and Vase Craft

Are you ready for another craft post?  Buying a vase and flowers can get really expensive (especially around Valentine’s Day when the prices are marked up even higher than usual) but I have found a cheaper way to make a photo flower craft and put it in a homemade vase!  Kids will love this one because it is very hands-on and they will be so proud to hand it over to the person receiving the gift! See the image above for a quick version of … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Aside from giving out candy and cards, what do kids like to do for others?  Create things!  They like to get crafty!  In fact, they may want to make their own Valentine’s Day cards this year. I have an inexpensive yet fun craft your child can do to make their own cards to hand out to friends.  Please note these are a little bigger than the normal Valentine’s Day card, but they are fun and kids love them!  You and … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Help Prepare your Child for Exams

Exams are very stressful and that’s the truth.  For children exams are often among the most stressful and strenuous activities they’ll have had to undergo at any time of their lives. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that adults can help out and make it easier for children to do well in their exams and feel happier during this time period.  So, here’s how to help them with those high stake tests. Homework Exam preparation should … [Read more...]

The Best Natural Toys for Your Kids

When plastics came into common use, many parents were overjoyed that they could give their kids toys made of materials that were shatter-proof and easy to clean.  Unfortunately, as we’ve learned more about plastics, they’ve become less appealing.  Not only can they leach dangerous chemicals like BPA into your child’s system, but they also generate a lot of harmful chemicals during the production process.  If you are concerned about your child’s … [Read more...]

RampShot Outdoor Game $50 Amazon #Giveaway

I was given a RampShot outdoor game to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are mine alone.   The RampShot outdoor game comes with everything you see above: 2 RampShot Ramps 2 RampShot Nets and 2 RampShot Stickers which we placed on the ramps ourselves 4 RampShot Balls My family and I love a great outdoor game!  We live on a greenbelt and have the perfect place to keep these games set up for days on end.  For us, … [Read more...]

Ways to Encourage Your Child to be Self-Sufficient

How often does your child do something that you turn around and basically tell them is wrong?  You probably don't even realize you are correcting them because you are just trying to help, but such correction can cause them to be needier now and in the future.  For example, your child cleans their room and you tell them their toys are in the wrong place.  Instead, you should be praising them for thinking for themselves and making the decision … [Read more...]

Six City Safety Tips for Your Kids

Every parents desire is for their home to be the safest place their children know. It is the place filled with your most prized possessions—the top of the list being your precious children. While you can help to keep them as safe as possible indoors with the help of a security system from Frontpoint Security Solutions, when it comes to the outside world, there are a myriad of factors that could endanger your children. Whether it is a trip, a … [Read more...]

Mighty Smighties App Review

Are you looking for a safe and fun game for your child to play on an iPhone/iPad?  If so, look no further! Mighty Smighties is a new game app that was just released and it is fun for everyone!  It’s an interactive card game and you can play against the game itself, or other players around the world!  I made sure to download Mighty Smighties for my boys so they could play along with me while I reviewed this game.  We are a very competitive family, … [Read more...]

Fun Indoor Activities / Games For Kids

Are you looking for some fun games to entertain your kids when it’s raining and they are getting restless? Hide and Seek Hide and seek one of the oldest games known to, well, all of us!  It’s also one where you and your kids can get the most creative!  There are tons of hiding spots in a house, but make sure you go over safety rules and “no hiding zones” before starting.  Some important “no hiding zones” would be on top of or behind any big … [Read more...]

Be Prepared: Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Do you remember when you were younger and you put on your Halloween costume and all their Halloween makeup about 5 hours prior to leaving the house to go knock on neighbors’ doors and collect your candy?  We’ve all been there, and now our children want to do the same thing!  While we want trick-or-treating to be a fun experience for them, we also want it to be a safe experience. I have heard tons of horror stories, ranging from poisoned candy … [Read more...]

Prepare: Halloween Makeup Safety Tips

Painting your face for Halloween is so much fun!  It lets your creative juices flow, and it’s cheaper than buying a Halloween mask!  However, there can be some uncomfortable side effects of using Halloween face paint and makeup.  You need to make sure that you apply it exactly as the directions say to.  Do not add any decorative items to your face that are not made for skin contact.  This can leave a rash or irritation that can be very … [Read more...]

Get Your Child Active!

How much daily exercise is your child getting?  Are they getting any exercise aside from what they get at recess while at school or in their homeschool play groups? Here's a few questions to ask yourself: Is it possible for your child to ride their bike or walk back and forth to school? How many days a week does your child have a PE class at school?  What type of activities are they doing in their current PE class? What kinds of … [Read more...]

Family Flag Activity For Kids

Above you'll see one of my second grader's homework sheets from last week.  The homework assignment was to make a family flag by using the colors that best represent your family.  Once you've got your colors selected, then you needed to come up with a good way to integrate them into a flag design. Here were the color choices and their meanings: Blue:  justice, piety, sincerity Green:  hope Purple:  high rank red-purple: … [Read more...]

Fun Newspaper Number Activity For Kids

My son is in second grade and brought this newspaper number activity assignment home last week.  The assignment was to use a newspaper or a magazine to find certain numbers.  We lucked out and the first section we came to contained car sale prices from the local car lots.  This newspaper number activity for kids was finished in a flash, but was a lot of fun.  We cut out lots of numbers and then went through our numbers to find the ones that fit … [Read more...]

Prepare Fruit For The Kids

  My kids love fruit but will not eat as much as I'd like them to unless I have it totally prepared and ready to be eaten.  How many times have you bought grapes and found them pushed to the back of the fridge and rotting in the bag they are packaged in?  The best way to take care of this is to wash your grapes off as soon as you can and pull them off the stems and place in a seal-able container.  The kids can help pull  the grapes … [Read more...]

Kids Are Back In School – Get Active!

Most of the kids have made it back to school from Summer Break and if not, they will be headed back soon.  If you are like me, you had to give up a few of your favorite activities over the Summer to make additional time for the kids and all the Summer activities that your kids had in mind for you.  After all, Summer time is a break away from school to enjoy friends and fun activities before having to get serious again during the upcoming school … [Read more...]