Summer Time Learning

Enjoy this guest post, Summer Time Learning, written by Stuart Ritter: Summertime is just around the corner and with that comes days filled with activities for your kids, weekend trips and long vacations at the beach. While every child looks forward to the summer months to blow off some steam, parents can use this time as an opportunity to weave money matters into every day activities. Many kids don’t realize the planning and saving their … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Dog Training: Written By The Wife Of The Woodlands Whisperer Dog Trainer, Bob Holmes~

Dog training teaches consistency and consistency is the key!  It never ceases to amaze me how each time Bob comes home after training a dog that comes from a family with small children, he tells me "they asked me if I could train the kids"!  We always laugh because the fundamentals are all the same.  Be fair, firm and CONSISTENT!  During  dog training, we teach how important it is to keep reinforcing the "commands"- just like with kids.   Kids … [Read more...]

Christmas Plates Are A Must For A Family With Small Children

Both my kids enjoy eating from the decorative Christmas  plates / bowls, but my youngest son LOVES them.  I try to serve his snacks on paper plates for easy clean up and he is reminding me to use the Christmas plates instead! I have plastic ones that I bought from Walgreens.  They were inexpensive and won’t break as easy as the glass ones.  I didn’t realize how much he loved these plates until this year. If you don’t have any of these dishes, … [Read more...]

Get Your Christmas Shopping Done

If you are trying to get your  shopping done before the kids get out of school, you better hurry!  Christmas break will be here before you know it. Right now, you can still do your online shopping without the fear of it arriving too late.  I do most of my online shopping off and Walmart Site to Store., with site to store pickup allows you to send a prepaid gift straight to the pickup department (old layaway dept. in our … [Read more...]

Did Santa Ever Write You?

Looking back to my childhood, I would have been overjoyed to have gotten a letter from Santa.  I always made him special cookies and sat out milk for him, actually I think we sat out Pepsi.  I wanted so bad to catch Santa in my living room when he was filling the stockings, good thing I never caught him!  I visited him at the Santa house in the Court Square every year and also sent letters to him through my school and the local paper.   I never … [Read more...]