Home Exercise Equipment: Dust Collector or Fitness Tool?

Do you have any exercise equipment in your house?  Does it get used or does it collect dust or is it being used as a coat hanger?  We have a nice elliptical machine in our home that my husband bought for himself to use several years ago.  It was used for awhile, then it turned into a large dust collector.  Then I had knee surgery and part of my physical therapy was to spend a little time each day on an elliptical so my husband moved the machine … [Read more...]

Are Personal Trainers A Waste Of Money?

If you had asked me 6 months ago if a personal trainer was a waste of money, my answer would have been different that my answer today after experiencing personal training for myself.  I always wondered why people would pay a trainer when they could go to a gym and ride the machines by themselves.  Some people believe that personal trainers are there to motivate and cheer you on, but I no longer agree with that statement. I had major knee … [Read more...]

Having Homework Fights?

Each afternoon my first grade son was trying to put off doing his homework which consisted of writing his alphabet in both upper and lower case letters, writing his numbers, and reviewing his site words.  He'd grab a snack once he came home, play with the dog a little and then sit at the table thinking about all the other things he'd rather be doing.  Each afternoon it would take us WAY too long to get through his work.  Once he decided to give … [Read more...]

Make The Effects Of Knee Surgery A Thing Of the Past

It has been 4 months now since my knee surgery and I went to see my doctor Tuesday.  I was dreading the visit, since I thought he would fuss at me because I don't feel like I am "fixed" and still walk with a limp.  To my surprise, he told me that I was right on track and it was time for me to move on to a personal trainer and away from my physical therapist.  Yesterday was my first day with Ruth, my personal trainer at the YMCA.  She introduced … [Read more...]

Knee Surgery Definitely Slows You Down

knee cap to bottom of leg....17 staples I have had many surgeries in the past, but the knee surgery I had in May is by far the worst surgery that I have undergone.  I went to the doctor because my knee was hurting so bad, it was making me walk with a horrible limp.  The doctor took x-rays and called for an MRI and decided to go in with arthroscopic surgery.  When I woke up from the surgery, my husband told me that my knee was worse than … [Read more...]

AquaJogger Review Tops The Charts

DeltaBells & AquaJogger CLASSIC Belt I have started physical therapy for my knee since having this Summer's knee surgery.  When I first started therapy, I had only been off my walker for two weeks with orders not to place any weight on my left leg and was scared to trust my leg again while on crutches.  The therapist introduced me to water therapy and a water buoyancy belt.  As soon as I realized how much easier I could move in the water … [Read more...]

Win The Walker Bag Giveaway ENDED

Unfortunately I had to have knee surgery and now depend on a walker to get around.  The surgery required the doctor to break my bone near my knee cap so that he could realign my knee cap so that it would "track" properly and not continue to slip out of socket.  Now that the surgery is over,  I am not allowed to bear any weight on my leg, and will be "tied" to this walker for at least another month of my 3 - 6 month recovery period. Within the … [Read more...]

BlogWithMom’s Weight Watchers Journey

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I was fired up and ready to shed a few pounds with Weight Watchers since knee surgery was coming.  http://www.blogwithmom.com/2012/04/weight-watchers-round-2-knee-surgery-on-the-way/ When talking to my orthopedic surgeon about this idea, he said NO.  Since my bones will need to heal, he doesn't want me to make any drastic changes to my diet right now.  So my Weight Watchers weekly count down is going to … [Read more...]

Don’t Take Your Health For Granted

This week I had knee surgery to fix a torn ACL and to move my knee cap a centimeter to get it back in line and on track so it doesn't "float" any longer.  I have been on crutches for the last three weeks and never fully understood the limitations of a person who didn't have the full use of their legs until my need for crutches.  Daily activities such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting the mail, driving, taking care of the kids, sleeping, … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers Round 2, Knee Surgery On The Way

I was doing great on Weight Watchers when I had a goal.  My goal was to lose weight before an upcoming Christmas party in 2011.  Once I hit my goal, I started falling off the wagon and indulging in my favorite treats a little too much!  Before I knew it, Valentines Day was here, so had to enjoy the chocolates!  Next came Easter, which always drags on awhile since the Easter Bunny is always very generous at my house! Anyways, my knee swelled up … [Read more...]