5 Tips For Moms Looking To Save Money

On average, Texas households spend $148 per month on electricity. That’s one of the highest rates in the country. A lot of electricity usage comes from keeping homes cool during hot summer months. This summer, you can save money by following these five tips. Use Window Shades and Blinds to Your Advantage Image via Flickr by sun dazed Most people know they can use drapes and other window coverings to keep cold air out of their homes … [Read more...]

Tips: Taking Care Of Your Computer

Taking care of your computer is similar to taking care of your car; if you want it to last longer, you need to maintain it!  Since school is back in session, odds are your child may be spending more time behind the keys, so taking care of your computer is a must! There are many payoffs to taking care of your computer: Confidence: If we do not know a single thing about how our computers work, we are ultimately at their mercy! Transferable … [Read more...]