Is Your Daughter Getting Engaged?

  Is Your Daughter Getting Engaged? For any mother, seeing their daughter getting engaged and ultimately walking down the aisle has to be one of the most rewarding periods in their lives. That said it can also be a stressful time, especially if the young couple have financial issues to deal with. As a mother, is your daughter contemplating getting engaged? If so, is she ready for that next big step in her life? Give the Best … [Read more...]

Go Go Kabongo! Educational Site For Kids Ages 4 – 7

My kindergartner loves the computer, but doesn't care for the idea of studying.  He thinks of  "studying" as working on a sheet of paper, not as working on a computer, so  I have been looking for fun educational programs online that he can "play" that will help him this year in school.  I have found many programs for him, but my latest one was Go Go Kabongo.  This program is free and good for ages 4 - 7.  It focuses on planning, phonics, memory, … [Read more...]