Benefits Of NOT Using A Microwave

Here in America, we are all about convenience and the “I must have it now” mindset. It is okay to be that way! It is completely normal. That is what makes microwaves so popular. You can heat up a meal in 3 minutes compared to cooking it in the oven for 40 minutes. However, we all know that there are some health hazards with microwaves. The radiation that gets put into food from microwaves is just scary! But, sometimes I am just willing to risk … [Read more...]

5 Minutes to Nutella Mug Cake in the Microwave

I don’t know about you, but my sweet tooth has been driving me crazy lately.  This time of year not just anything sweet will do, but I’m really craving something warm I can sink my teeth into. Which is exactly what this Nutella Mug Cake is! With just five minutes and ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, you can make this delicious molten cake in the microwave. You will need the following "wet ingredients": 3 tablespoons … [Read more...]

6 Must-Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Did you receive cash for Christmas or maybe a gift card that's burning a hole in your pocket?  If so, maybe a kitchen appliance would be what you need.  I would love a new microwave, one that has a spinning turnstyle and high temperatures.  My microwave is the original one from 1995.  It still does that trick, but takes more time to heat things up than an updated microwave would. Kitchen appliances simplify cooking and save you valuable … [Read more...]

Microwave Cleaning Tricks

Is cleaning something you enjoy doing daily -No?  I thought so.  If there is an easier way to get something cleaned, I’ll automatically do it.  I don’t want to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning if I don’t have to.  Here are some tricks you can use next time you clean your microwave. Tips For Cleaning your Microwave All that stuck food splatter can become a hassle to get off.  Not only does that splatter look and smell bad, but it can make … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Alternative To Smores

My 13 year old son invented this and before long, there I was microwaving marshmallows at night time when I need something sweet and enjoyable.  I love roasted marshmallows, not the burnt part, but the warm, gooshy part.  When we roast hot dogs and marshmallows, my kids love to make Smores, but me, I just wait for roast marshmallows a la carte! See the image below, this is what the marshmallow looks like after being placed in my microwave for … [Read more...]