Newborn Nurseries: Don’t Throw Your Budget Out The Window

Few parents will disagree that the build-up to the due date are some of the most exciting times you will ever experience.  During the nesting phase (moms will know what we're talking about), it's all about preparing that nursery into a mini-palace that's always been dreamed about. As you may have gathered through the awful pun to the title to this piece, we're actually going to talk about windows.  Most prospective parents appreciate that … [Read more...]

Things To Consider When Designing Your Nursery

When you are designing your nursery, there are a few things you need to do and consider.  First, make sure that the room you are turning into the nursery is clean.  Deep clean the walls, carpets, baseboards, windows, closet, etc.  You want to make sure that it is as clean as it can be since you will be bringing a newborn in and out of the room. Do not crowd the nursery with tons of furniture.  Most parents want to have EVERYTHING just in case … [Read more...]

Create A Nursery For Less

Child’s room – A Place Where New Memories Begin...... At some point in our lives, we all start thinking about starting a family.  It might be a cute baby that we saw in a restaurant the other day or a pair of those small pink baby shoes that made us think about starting a family.  And especially when we feel that we find the right person to create that family with, the thoughts do not leave us alone even if we feel that we are not ready yet. … [Read more...]