Where’s Bobbie…….

It's finally here, the carwash training begins today and the doors open to the public later this week.  My husband has been planning this carwash opening for two years now and opening week has finally arrived!  I have spent the last six years working online and it's time for me to make the switch from working online to working full time at the carwash.  Many have asked if I am sad to give up my online job and that is a great question.  It is hard … [Read more...]

Post A Job On Workable.com

If you are looking to hire someone for your business, it is a great idea to post your job on Workable.com.  I found this site while searching online for free online sites to post our job openings for carwash bay attendant at our new GFY Carwash.  Workable had a free 15 day trial period and was extremely easy to set up!  There was a place to list your company profile and the free trial allowed me to list up to 20 job slots.  Once your job is in … [Read more...]

Are You Being Stalked By a Cyber Criminal?

In today’s Internet-driven age, it is not uncommon to read or hear about cyber-crimes on an almost daily basis. While some make national and even worldwide headlines, others never reach the front pages. Still, many of those latter ones prove devastating to consumers across the nation and around the world. When a cyber-criminal literally reaches through your computer or swoops in when you least expect it and messes with your life (specifically … [Read more...]

Telltale Signs of a Mystery Shopping Scam to Watch Out For

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn cash when you need the freedom of flexible hours. Many of these opportunities are found online. However, the opportunities found on the Internet are not all legitimate. Many are fake business opportunities set up to trick you out of your own money. So what are some of the telltale signs that a mystery shopping opportunity is actually a scam? Payment Required The first hint that an opportunity for … [Read more...]

Shopping on Amazon.com

Have you ever compared prices with Toys R Us and Amazon.com?  I do a lot of my holiday shopping online with Amazon since I almost always get free shipping and quick delivery.   While looking for toys online, I noticed that the exact same toys I happened to be searching, were priced cheaper at Amazon than at Toys R Us, so...... check Amazon before buying from the other retailers.  Refer to "My Reason For Starting A Blog" for additional information … [Read more...]