To Do List Before Kids Are Home From Summer

Each year at this time, I am in a go, go, go mode to get everything done before kids are out for the summer.  Get ready, get set, go.... prepare yourself for the Summer. Personal Appointments: Any type of personal appointments such as dental, long lasting hair appointments, etc. need to be done so the kids aren't required to sit in a waiting room for long periods of time. Shopping: I also like to buy my bathing suit and summer … [Read more...]

Does Becoming A Mom Sound Good To You?

 How long have you dreamed of becoming a mom? For some women, the urge to have a child has been something they have carried with them for years.  Others, meantime, have found the desire to bring a new life into this world more recently.  What many of those women have in common is the inability to conceive a child. That inability can be for myriad of reasons, with infertility oftentimes being one of them.  With that being the case, is a … [Read more...]

My Parents Were Going To Adopt

My dad was in Vietnam in one of the areas where the highest amount of Agent Orange was sprayed before my parents were married.  Once back in the states and trying to have a family, Agent Orange came back to haunt him.  My parents tried to start a family only to have many pregnancy altercations.  Sadly, my mother had many devastating miscarriages before I came along and again after I was born.  My parents wanted a child so badly and for those of … [Read more...]

Raising A Confident And Independent Child

No One Wants To Raise a Wimpy Kid As a parent your first instinct is often to try and protect your child from every potential danger. While it's vital that your child be safe in this world, overprotecting them doesn't prepare them for the realities of life as an adult. Your child needs to be ready to take on the world with proper emotional development, confidence and independence. That sounds like a daunting task but aiding in your child's … [Read more...]

Sponsored Video: Motherhood Is Different For Everyone

If you've ever wondered what other women really think about being a mother, if you've ever wondered if anyone else finds being motherhood lackluster or if you've ever feared that you're alone in how you view being a parent, this video is for you. Told from the perspective of several different mothers, this video takes you through what it means to be a mother. Some women know from the time they're children that they want to be mothers. Some … [Read more...]