Are You Dealing With A ‘terrible Two’s Toddler’?

  If your toddler has entered the ‘terrible two’s’ phase, do not worry! It is just that, only a phase! Yes, it can be very frustrating to deal with but you will get through it. We have to remember that they are just as frustrated as we are. Toddler are finally learning how to express themselves at that age, but they still cannot hold a conversation so they get frustrated when trying to “say” how they feel or “tell” us what they want. … [Read more...]

Strengthening the Bond Between You and Your Child

The connection we share with our children is so profoundly explainable, words simply don’t do it justice.  As parents, establishing a strong connection is one of the most significant tools of influence we can provide our children; a strong relationship is also the most powerful asset our children have on us. Your children trust you entirely and use your example to mold their way of thinking and decisions they choose to make.  But being as … [Read more...]

Your Children Are Watching!

As mothers, we set the example for our children.  There are six things our children must see us doing: Expressing love.  We have the power to infuse our child with love and security in a world that is full of hostility and neglect.  They may see the ugly things happening outside, but they must know they are always safe and loved in our arms. Doing what we love.  When we become parents, our time is consumed with laundry, picking up toys, … [Read more...]

What Makes You A Proud Parent?

What makes you a proud parent?  Is it when you see your children achieve their goals?  When they climb higher and higher to reach better destinations?  Is it when they are doing well in school or becoming their own person?  Is it when they use manners in public?  Sometimes we tend to focus on the negative more than the positive.  As parents, we often end up criticizing to fix a bad behavior rather than celebrate the good behaviors our children … [Read more...] Is A Great Find!

Have you ever browsed  I thought this site would offer magazines for kids, but after I started reading it, I noticed that it offered fashion and beauty tips for women, and much more.  I found health tips, great craft ideas, and even recipes.  I love great cake ideas, you have to check out the colored sponge cake idea I found:  Birthday Cake Inspiration.  My kids love fun cakes and my boys would go nuts over all these colors in … [Read more...]