Warm Spinach Or Broccoli Dip Recipe

Often times when we are asked to get together, I need a simple recipe for a quick appetizer when I am short on time.  The following recipe can be served with chips, vegetables or crackers for a quick dish on the go.  This recipe will meet expectations, especially when arranged nicely on an eye catching platter.  We are all short on time, so why not make life easier with quick recipes like the one below - enjoy! Warm Spinach or Broccoli Dip … [Read more...]

Pigs In A Blanket Recipe

Pigs In A Blanket or "hot dogs cooked inside crescent rolls" are quick and easy to make.  Children can even help prepare these given that they are old enough to help out in the kitchen.  Cooking can be very fun for kids, so be sure to find time to include them in preparing your meals, even if their job is only to gather the ingredients for you and help you set the table. Pigs In A Blanket Recipe Ingredients: 1 can crescent rolls 8 … [Read more...]