Our Hamster Stripe Was Buried

Yesterday was a sad afternoon, after having our hamster Stripe since first grade, my third grader experienced his first pet burial.  We were told that a hamster's life span was around two / two and a half years so Stripe had a full life with us. Bobby knew that this was coming and had been talking about the expected short lifespan for months now.  Stripe went to sleep curled up in her blue bed as usual and never woke back up.  I put her in a … [Read more...]

Things to Consider Before Buying a Horse

If you were to take a poll and ask adults what was one of the number one things they remember wanting the most when they were children, I'd be willing to bet that 50% or more would say that their childhood dream was to own a horse/pony.  In a child's eyes there's just something special about having a horse of their own to love, ride and care for but if you, as a parent, have been or have ever considered the possibility of giving in and buying … [Read more...]

Adding A Dog To Your Family?

Are the kids now at an age where you feel a new addition to the family is a viable option?  Perhaps you've been thinking of getting a puppy or dog eventually anyway.  There is quite a lot of information out there about choosing the right canine for your family, and it should be heeded. When adopting a dog, I'd always recommend trying a shelter first.  These are the animals that need the homes the most, and if you are dead set on getting a … [Read more...]